(ref Oracle Metalink docs 402023.1, 782919.1 and 782918.1)

To use silent install there are several undocumented options on the command line:

1 – Create a Database
2 – Configure an ASM instance
3 – Install Software Only

e.g. n_configurationOption=3

With this option you can also specify what kind of database you want to create with the n_dbType parameter.
This entry should be specified as a number. The valid values you can specify map to the following options:
1 – General Purpose Starter Database
2 – Transaction Processing Starter Database
3 – Data Warehouse Starter Database
4 – Advanced Configuration

e.g. n_dbType=4

If you want to create custom database according to your specification then you can choose Advanced

If you chose to perform a silent Advanced Configuration by specifying n_dbType=4 above, then you need to specify a number of additional Advanced Configuration parameters in a response file that is used by the DBCA. A template of this response file can be found on the installation media in response/dbca.rsp. Use this file to completely customize the silent database configuration, and set s_responseFileName to the location of this response file.

Example : s_responseFileName=

Prerequisite for parameter s_responseFileName is to have set these: