Oracle 11.2 oui

There is no need to use ‘-record’ flag to record/save the response file.  At Summary page of installation, 11gR2 installer provides option to save the response file. We can perfom the silent installation using this saved response file

./runInstaller -silent -responseFile

11.2 Input for “Oracle Home Name” is now removed from interview phase during installation. 11.2 OUI is now uses default name (controlled by DEFAULT_HOME_NAME parameter in oraparam.ini) for the Oracle Home installation. If user wants to specify different Oracle Home Name other than the default name, then user can specify the OracleHomeName via command prompt

./runInstaller ORACLE_HOME_NAME=”Ora11gR2_prod”

11.2 New screen “System Class” has been added to chose between “Desktop Class” OR “Server Class”.
“Desktop Class” installs a minimal configuration SI (Single Instance) database installation with dbcontrol configured on local host. This option is to minimize the number of user inputs for installations on desktop class systems
“Server Class” selection provides advanced configuration options (for creating SI or RAC database)

11.2 installer provides only two install methods : Interactive and Silent. Suppressed-Interactive Mode does not work with 11.2 OUI. If runInstaller command is invoked without “-silent” option but supplied the necessary information by using a response file or command line entries, then OUI still shows all the interactive screens but displays the values supplied through responsefile or command line entries as default values.

11.2 OUI is now provided with new argument/option called “-relink” to perform relinking activities.
Manual relinking (i.e ‘relink all’) of the “11gR2 Oracle Database Home” is now executed using “runInstaller -relink”. Following is the command syntax used for ‘relink all’ (i.e “$ORACLE_HOME/bin/relink all”) in 11gR2 Oracle Database Home

./runInstaller -relink -makeorder $ORACLE_HOME/inventory/make/makeorder.xml -waitforcompletion ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_HOME

11.2 New deinstall script has been provided for deinstalling the 11gR2 Oracle Database Home.
cd $ORACLE_HOME/deinstall