REM SQL to display current user connections in the database
REM NOTE: only shows activity on whichever node of the OPS
REM       is referred to by the user-s TWO_TASK environment variable
REM       (usually cas1)

set linesize 100;
set pagesize 200;

column os_user format A10 trunc;
column db_user format A20 trunc;
column machine format A10 trunc;
column program format A30 trunc;
column login_time format A20;

select osuser os_user, username||decode(status,’ACTIVE’,’**active**’,’INACTIVE’,’-‘) db_user, machine,
  decode (  substr(program,1,instr(program,’@’)-1), ‘oracle’,  ‘(parallel query)’, substr(program,1,instr(program,’@’)-1)  ) program,
to_char(logon_time, ‘dd-MON-yyyy hh24:mi:ss’) login_time
sid in (select min(sid) from v$session where username is not null group by process)
order by osuser, username, program;