— ts_lst.sql
— mdw 23/6/97
— simple list of tablespaces
set pause on
set pages 24
set pause ‘Any Key>’
col ini_ext_k form 9,999,999
col next_ext_k form 9,999,999
col min_ex form 999
col min_extln form 999,999
spool ts_lst.lst
select substr(tablespace_name,1,17)       ts_name
      ,initial_extent/1024                ini_ext_K
      ,next_extent/1024                   next_ext_K
      ,min_extents                        min_ex
      ,max_extents                        max_ex
      ,substr(to_char(pct_increase),1,3)  pct
      ,min_extlen/1024                    min_extln
      ,decode(status,’ONLINE’     ,’ON’,  ‘READ ONLY’, ‘R-O’, substr(status,1,3) )        st
from sys.dba_tablespaces
where tablespace_name like upper(‘&ts_name’||’%’)
order by 1
spool off
clear colu

— End of File