— par_dets.sql
— mdw 13/7/01
— details of partition table partitions s
col table_owner form a8 head ownr
col table_name  form a15 word wrap
col tablespace_name  form a10 word wrap head ts_name
col partition_name  form a13 word wrap head part_name
col blocks form 9999,999
col empty_blocks form 99,999 head e_blks
col high_value form a11 wrap
break on table_owner nodup on table_name nodup
spool par_dets.lst
select table_owner
from dba_tab_partitions dtp
where table_name like upper(nvl(‘&ptab_name’,’eric’))||’%’
and   partition_name like upper(‘&part_name’)||’%’
order by table_name,table_owner,partition_position
clear col
clear break
spool off