This script is run against the RMAN catalog and will produce a report on backups (similar to Jensen’s summary in the logs).

It can generate info about different databases ( both sides of a live / standby) for specified dates etc..


col db_name format a7

col db_unique_name format a9

col st_time format a17

col end_time format a17

col time_taken_display for a9

col output_bytes_display for a12

col status format a18

col input_type format a12

set lines 132

select distinct a.DB_NAME, c.session_key,

b.DB_UNIQUE_NAME, c.input_type, c.status, to_char(c.START_TIME, ‘dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi’) st_time,

to_char(c.END_TIME,’dd/mm/yyyy hh24:mi’) end_time,

c.output_bytes_display, c.time_taken_display

from rc_rman_status a, rc_site b, rc_rman_backup_job_details c

where b.site_key = a.site_key

and  c.session_key = a.session_key

and trunc(a.start_time) > ’10-AUG-12′

and a.DB_NAME in(‘JPW’)

order by 1,3,6