— seq_lst.sql
— mdw 03/09/02
— summary list of sequences
set pages 32
–set pause on
accept seq_name char prompt ‘enter seq name> ‘
col owner    form a10 word wrap
col seq_name form a22 word wrap
col min      form 999
col inc      form 999
col cach     form 9,999
col lst_num  form 9,999,999,999
spool seq_lst.lst
select sequence_owner owner
      ,sequence_name  seq_name
      ,last_number    lst_num
      ,min_value      min
      ,increment_by   inc
      ,cache_size     cach
      ,max_value      mx
from dba_sequences
where sequence_name like upper(‘&seq_name’)||’%’
and sequence_owner !=’SYS’
order by 2,1
spool off
clear col