$ cd chef-repo
we will use a ruby file rather than a JSON file for this example
To get current recipe versions we can look at, for example, chef-repo/cookbooks/apache/metadata.rb, and we will see a verion number defined.
$mkdir environments
$cd environments
$vi devenv1.rb
name “devenv1”
description “A dev environment”
cookbook “apache”, “= 0.1.2”
“author” => {
“name” => “a n author”
relies on apache cookbook v 0.1.2, whereas production is using 0.1.0
The attribute in an attribute file would look like, default[“author”][“name”] = “A different author”
So we would define all specific DEV attributes in this file and they would override the same attributes defined in the attributes files of the recipe.
$knife environment list -w
_default: …..
$knife environment from file devenv.rb

On Node

$ cd /etc/chef
$ vi client.rb and ADD
environment “devenv”
$ chef-client  fails as the apache version 0.1.5 does not yet exist