— tab_det.sql
— mdw – show brief details of selected tables.
—       cut-down version of tab_dets.
set pause on pages 24
clear col
clear breaks
break on own nodup on name nodup
spool tab_det.lst
col own         form A8
col name        form A15 word wrap
col tblspc      form A8  word wrap
col pctf        form 99
col pctu        form 99
col in_ext      form 9999,999 head ‘in extK’
col n_ext       form 9999,999 head ‘nxt exK’
col pct         form 99
 owner            own
,table_name       name
,tablespace_name  tblspc
,to_char(last_analyzed,’DD-MM-YY HH24:MI’) anlyzd
,pct_free         pctf
,pct_used         pctu
,initial_extent/1024   in_ext
,next_extent/1024      n_ext
,pct_increase     pct
from all_tables
where table_name like upper(nvl(‘&tab_name’,’WHOOPS’)||’%’)
order by table_name,owner
clear colu
spool off