Install on Linux >= 2.6.9 and/or Windows 2003 SP2

  (Linux)       /etc/init.d/init.crfd enable|disable
  (Windows) runcrf
  ologgerd : One master and one standby. Collects data from osysmond and stores in database.
  oproxyd : Runs on all nodes. Handles connections on the public interface.
  osysmond : Runs on all nodes. Monitors system and send data to ologgerd
  -m = node to monitor crfgui OR crfgui -m
  -r  = refresh rate        crfgui -r 5 -m
  -d = historical mode    crfgui -d “::” -m
  -i  = command line interface with prompt toprac>, use ‘?’ for help.

  Used to query Berkeley db backend.
  -h  = help
  oclumon dumpnodeview -allnodes (to get the timezones in use) or specifiy a timezone in the environment profile.
  oclumon dumpnodeview -allnodes -s “2008-11-12 12:30:00” -e “2008-11-12 13:30:00”
  oclumon dumpnodeview -v -n  -last “00:30:00”
  oclumon dumpnodeview -v -allnodes -alert -last “00:30:00”

Debug Utilities
  Only use when in contacvt with Oracle support.
  Debug mode loggerd daemon.
  Can be used to analyse a complete backup of OS Tool BDB offline on a seperate database.