Oracle’s Application VIP is used to create the Logical Host.



  1. Sign onto the database server as Oracle.
  2. Create the Logical Host profile resource.
    ${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin/crs_profile -create ${MYVIP} \
    -t application \
    -a ${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin/usrvip \
    -o oi=eth1,ov=${IP_ADDRESS},on=

    where MYVIP = made up from –vip
    and IP_ADDRESS = as defined in /etc/hosts.

    will be either “hostaa”, “hostab“, “hostbc” or “hostbd” depending on whether the server is in the “a” or “b environment.  i.e. for database aa on hostaa the Logical Host Name is “enva-hosta-vip“.

  3. Register the profile resource with CRS.
    ${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin/crs_register ${MYVIP}
  4. As ROOT change the Ownership.
    ${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin/crs_setperm ${MYVIP} -o root
  5. As ROOT set the permissions to Read and Execute for Oracle.
    ${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin/crs_setperm ${MYVIP} -u user:oracle:r-x
  6. Start the profile resource.
    ${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin/crs_start ${MYVIP}
  7. Check the profile resource is ONLINE and note the Server its running on.
    crsstat | grep ${MYVIP}
  8. Check the Host Interface Configuration on the Server noted above.
    ifconfig –a