When backing up the recovery catalog database, you can use RMAN to make the backups. As illustrated in Figure 13-1, start RMAN with the NOCATALOG option so that the repository for RMAN is the control file in the catalog database.

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Follow these guidelines when developing an RMAN backup strategy for the recovery catalog database:

  • Run the recovery catalog database in ARCHIVELOG mode so that you can do point-in-time recovery if needed.

  • Set the retention policy to a REDUNDANCY value greater than 1.

  • Back up the database to two separate media (for example, disk and tape).

  • Run BACKUP DATABASE PLUS ARCHIVELOG at regular intervals, to a media manager if available, or just to disk.

  • Do not use another recovery catalog as the repository for the backups.

  • Configure the control file autobackup feature to ON.

With this strategy, the control file autobackup feature ensures that the recovery catalog database can always be recovered, so long as the control file autobackup is available.