Believe it or not I started my computing experience by taking a Computing A Level in Cambridge on an IBM 1130 8K machine coding Cobol and Fortran programs on punch cards and paper tape.

That’s where I learnt all about reading and interpreting core dumps; sadly a technique that is largely redundant these days.

After taking a year out and workling for the then Pearl Assurance in Liverpool in their computing departments I attained a BSc in computing at Leeds.

I have worked for Racal Redac, Phillips TMC, Digital Equipment Corporation, Hoare Govett, the Stock Exchange, Reuters, Rover, EDS, IBM, CMC Markets, Raytheon, EADS, Centrica and BT Expedite with quite a few extensions and re-engagements from the above.

My database experience began with Ingres on DEC VAX and then Alpha. I still believe that VMS was the best operating system and Ingres one of the easiest database engines to manage.

This website was begun mainly as a place to store my photographs but I have extended it so that I can save all my Oracle notes on the net making them accessable from anywhere I am working (when you have so much trying to be stored in a memory like mine you need to have these things written down somewhere).

One day I will get these pages sorted so that they look professional but until then you’ll have to ferret around to find what you want (after all, I know where everything is).

Have fun